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Sweater - Second Hand (Lacoste), Jeans - Topman

Let's talk fashion. I'm in love with my new white sweater that I bought at the fleamarket for exactly two euros. Honestly I do not care about weather white is still a trendy colour or not, I just like the 90ies flair of its oversized shape. Combined with a simple vintage jeans from topman this outfit would be something very neutral yet chic. Rather the combination with the blossoming trees is attracting to me. The nature around ourselves seems to blossom out, actually to break out - a very good point in time to break out too. Out of this world. Let's face spring with all its pros. 

the story about one of my favourtie blogs #1


// Photos by the inspiring Coco Capitán (Blog)

When I look for inspiration on the Internet I'm always looking for something new and fresh, something that I never expected before. This work is by Coco Capitán, one of my favourite blogger/ artist that I've ever come across. The way she mixes the vintage vibe with the modern edgy vibe is just beyond words. You can tell she really loves experimenting with different styles from the past years combined with a new and totally modern touch. I feel so inspired by the look of the models: strong, self confident and somehow mysterious. I posted this song for you guys to in order to listen to it while looking through the amazing lookbooks of Coco Capitán. I think it reflects this serious yet breathtaking atmosphere on the pictures. I can't wait to see what is coming next. What do you think about her work? 

good night kisses and the mood is right

Unbenannt-1 IMG_0066Unbenannt-2IMG_9966

// Button Up Shirt - H&M, Vest - Second Hand, Skinny Jeans - Topman, Doc Martens Boots

colours to life


// Jacket - Second Hand bought @ a vintage store in Caen, France, Corduray pants - Bershka, Sweater - H&M, Sunglasses - Beyond Retro, Shoes - Topman

florals for spring

IMG_1216 KopieIMG_1114_b

// Look One: H&M Shirt, Second Hand Jeans Jacket Look Two: Brooklyn Industries Tanktop

If my dream would come true one day and I'd launch my own magazine this is probably how my first editorial for spring would look like. At the moment I'm very into flowers and different patterns and shapes - like Meryl Streep alias Miranda Priestly once tought as all: "Florals for spring? Groundbreaking!". If you follow me on tumblr you may have noticed that I'm longing for the graphic kind of aspect on editorial photos. Inspired by loads of good combinations of florals and graphic shapes I decided to turn my room into a little studio, as usual, and tried something different. What dou you think? 

the american dream - a miami/ florida flashback


When I'm thinking back to my time in America this year during spring I'm to greatful to all the beautiful things I've seen and experienced. I acutally don't know why I didn't share those pictures with you earlier but as I opened my folder yesterday night I couldn't resist editing them during a sleepless night. America can be so fascinating yet megalomaniac. What really inspires me is how people are coping with their lives influenced of a different environment, a different climate etc. - I really enjoyed my time strolling aorung, taking lots of pictured and broadening my horizon!